Dancing with the sky, carefree
Brilliance from heavens gate
Time to weep, Time to lament 
Time to embrace, Time to mend 
Resilience in rushing waters 
     summon my name  
Grace undeserved- received again !

With love, ~Pattyb


Frangipani calls out my name
I endured on the vine.. 
in a picture frame 
How long shall I wait for a genuine rose? 
Chamomile please, as I bid thee adieu !

"Ode to a lovely summer romance"
Such a pretentious thorn of chance 
For now - I wait to love again ....


Sapphire Magnolias

Sapphire Magnolias in beautiful grace 
Aquiver together in a loving face 
Shadows call one impetuous afternoon
Hand of God lifts her ...underneath
Reflection in Magnolia of His loving embrace

May my sweet mama rest in peace!!
Love ~pattyb 

Emma Rose

Dedicated to all grandparents...


My heart was captured as she was grasping a shadow
On the wall - beyond her reach - 
In the Age of Innocence, hands elevated over it all 
Bella are the curls of her rich sepia hair 
She laughs w kismet, in seal brown eyes unaware
As she stumbles into hidden dangers within 
We guard her fort in shifts, without end 
She came from love that was shared...
     Meant to be -
A smile that the world will wrestle for 
So will I as nana, while on my knees.. 
I want to shelter her, under guardian angel wings
To know her -
An honor that God has chosen to bestow upon me 
A rose in bloom for us all to behold
 - till time captures my soul - 
Emma Rose, destiny calls with stories untold... 

With love, ~Pattyb


Infinity - as darkness is to night
Love dissolves - all sight 
Where bronze cant erase 
Infinity seals our embrace !

With love, ~Pattyb


Don't let your heart be troubled loved one
Regal peace was found at dawn 

Cascade your heart from hiding 
behind the lace abiding -
Willingness laments -
like the Rose that comes to amend 
Sacrifice hides in the stem

With Love ~pattyb 

River Kebar

A river that flows so deep
Beneath a surface of ardent peace
Tranquil connection flows from the Mighty River Kebar..  
Pristine is the beauty that governs muddy waters
Oh rebellious soul of wander...
Reflection of destiny 
Oh rebellious soul of anxiety
Run from mainstream - to the River Kebar..

With love, ~Pattyb

Kebar, a river of Mesopotamia
Ezekiel 3:23 NIV
So I got up and went out to the plain. And the glory of the LORD was standing there, like the glory I had seen by the Kebar River, and I fell facedown....