Dream catcher weaves in the dark night 
for souls of weeping on a weary flight
A Holy Night, the stars so bright
my dream for peace, estranged 
As morning has built a perfect winter frame
Memories feather into daylight 


Faith Mountain

As dawn approaches the present seems laborious
Silence at night... no way out.. is cumbersome 
In the valley, where self is alone 
Success lies behind the open door 
The mountain Has to MOVE as your spirit writes the score
Strength is in the truth that you face in your reflection 
Hope for the weary seen in a blind connection
Sojourn up the mountain side in "His Hand" 
What closed could be .. ...."His plan"



Light speaks to an image 
Surrounding my own eye
As footsteps scuttle into fate
My selfie will survive !!

With love, ~Pattyb n Mr Pattyb 


Carried away kindly... long ago
If I got fooled again,  I wouldn't know...                                                               
Forbidden moments - in flush summer sun
A cappella moon captured young love 
Another enchanting summer begins
Wistful tears.. restrain...  of what was then
Solstice spellbound reverses the wind
Now our paragon is to remember when...



On a subtle night, a gentle soul 
knew it was goodbye
Fearless Mariposa...
evening surrounds the sky
As blind is to faith
Oh Humble Mariposa...
your eternity had begun 
Life gave to you such sorrow .......
yet you smiled embracing Home  
Now silent, sweet Mariposa...
you gifted me to soar  
Embrace your Crown, oh Southern Belle..
you earned your sapphires and gold  

Ode to my Beautiful Mariposa 

....till evening bids me farewell....

Love you Mom,  

Till we meet again... 


Day by day, the Eagle calls to guide them ...
As the gifted pundit deluge of words,
drown a captive in the perfect storm 
Our Eagle inspires us to sail on ..
As we gather daily to seek a course
Shipwrecked as one, on an island of madness !!          



Eternity,  a paragon of tomorrow...
How shall I know you? 
I embraced a glass image 
On a Carousel of Eternity 
Where absolute lies everywhere...
Many abandon Eternity today, 
Come ride on amazing grace in the air !!

With love, ~Pattyb

Cobblestone Eyes

Cobblestone whispers to you 
Follow me...
Sacred feet,  iconic... 
While I'm standing in time... running for life -
Falling to a steady climb...


Aren't we a snollygoster family !!
Alas to the bobble heads that nod
Blue and Red dressed in coat of arms 
Dancing to lies under the same old barn 
Are "WE" the people cheated again?
Just a little sonnet for us who refrain
Intrinsic in a moment of creed,
Cant we "ever" see to agree ?
Who will walk in "our" shoes, Please? 




Dwelling in a parched vision
... a desert of mine...
Please quench my thirst, 
doubt will not oblige...
The spell was evanescent in
the refuge of a Rock
A love oasis was overflowing  
Drink of joy in the morning...


In the dubious corner of my heart
 lies a thorn-
A masterpiece, is yet borne
A vile twist of fate to my soul
Herein lies the demur 
Beauty in contentment-
a bittersweet prize I fight for... 


Anomaly of mind
 - the selfish kind - 
Today's burden quietly defined 
Hiding in realism is
a dark, lonely prison...
Love dawns at midnight
breaking the chain of sight
for hope in tomorrow ...


Clouds were balanced over an abode of light 
A wounded warrior draws from the scabbard within
to find reserve for the night of day 
How can the darkness linger? 
When the sword of the spirit is reborn...
I cherish the good days of old 
I have survived unkind days of defeat
If tomorrow comes for me
 .......I have embraced my many years
as my sword within disappears .....

With love, ~Pattyb


Pleasure and sorrow,  take a bow 
Life a surreal moment, then gone 
Only tell your story well, 
Travel down as grace dwells..
Oh Keeper of Life, grant irreversibly
Daybreak to sundown, for me 

With love, ~Pattyb