Eternity,  a paragon of tomorrow...
How shall I know you? 
I embraced a glass image 
On a Carousel of Eternity 
Where absolute lies everywhere...
Many abandon Eternity today, 
Come ride on amazing grace in the air !!

With love, ~Pattyb

Cobblestone Eyes

Cobblestone whispers to you 
Follow me...
Sacred feet,  iconic... 
While I'm standing in time... running for life -
Falling to a steady climb...


Aren't we a snollygoster family !!
Alas to the bobble heads that nod
Blue and Red dressed in coat of arms 
Dancing to lies under the same old barn 
Are "WE" the people cheated again?
Just a little sonnet for us who refrain
Intrinsic in a moment of creed,
Cant we "ever" see to agree ?
Who will walk in "our" shoes, Please?