Hurricane Irma

Living In the Path of Hurricane Irma

My Sunny South Florida,  Wow,  this is the worst I have ever seen...
I have been here 46 years, and Hurricane Andrew in 1992 was awful.
This storm is letting all Gods creatures know,  its in control..

I evacuated, with all Floridians who did.  It was almost impossible
to find a hotel, last minuet... we must do something about those 1-800 #s
We went to the West Coast, thinking that we could escape, only to find
it was headed that way... Then we thought, OK Georgia,  only to find
it was being evacuated... so here we are in North Carolina...
I want to give the Comfort Inn a huge shout out, they were great to us...
and a gem to find in the middle of the worst storm in history.

Rick Scott is doing a fantastic job, in an orderly fashion.
There are hundreds of bucket trucks headed that way,  as I watched
them coming south.. National Guard,  heavy equipment, etc..

Evacuees are bonding in hotels, gas stations, etc.. each one telling the
story of last minuet changes in every one's daily routines...

My prayers are with all of us today,  we are experiencing a life changing event.
We should all reevaluate our lives, and find what it is that we are here to do...
and reconnect with our Creator in a new way...

North Carolina is beautiful,  with Florida winter degrees of 77 during the day, so
it reminds me why we live there in the first  place.  I am looking forward to hurricane
season's end and into our beautiful south Florida life style,  only this time
with a little more appreciation..

With love, ~Pattyb

Summer Naught

Soft waterfall of ivory , sings melody to the night
God of great waters, graceful to my soul 
Labor of works,  brings naught to mind
Faith attempts to argue and restore 
Summer incredulous, but hope says,  reward..

With love, ~Pattyb