Magic encircles the creative soul 
Picture of words traveler of thought
from a sensational caress
A happy ending or a perfect storm

Into the distance beyond my time 
What will be from twisted words end …

With love, ~Pattyb 


Wonder is the roses you were able to afford 
Wrapped in a purple heart trying to forget 
As time slips away in a memo never lived 
Patience is not my friend when it comes to you
Gracious Lord as I pray alone, you seem to forget
Maybe, Someday, I wonder,  I wish...
Before I go, by faith, 
I wonder if our heart will smile, ever again...

With love, ~Pattyb

Another Day

She blinks while the clock ticked empathy
Yesterday is crouching at her heart,
it desires her...
She pours another cup of logic 
Black swirls endlessly 
Her conscience argues, be yourself
Master it .... Confidently 
As time slips away into the world that 
challenges her..
Today its time to change with her ...

Scarlet Cord

When I made it to Spring, 
I tried to get up on my own 
Searching for a reason
on the journey home 
Image of a Scarlet Cord 
Hanging in the window sky 
Graciously gives me a sign 
To forget that stumble on the road 

With love, ~Pattyb