Family Seems

So its time for dinner with our diverse family tree
Our branches intertwined - will we ever agree?
United- as we come apart - Forever as one......
Seems your a vibrant liberal star
Seems I am an atrophied right wing scar 
An organic family seems beyond our reach 

Yet we somehow join together to always "never" agree !!

"Enjoy" your family this holiday season!!
with love, 

Melancholy Elixir

Obsessive thoughts so free
Melancholy Elixir has no boundary
A gypsy tries to bribe me, 
to follow darkness to the other side
Haunting me while the spirit writes the score 
Melancholy Elixir is no more...


To You - Crestfallen soul...
Celestial rose, elegant, blazon...
Ambiguous choice, effects all 
but, there is One who lifts up, 
Oh Crestfallen soul,  Be still and know..