I cast mundane went into exile
Everyday is another chance -  to smile 
What is eternity?  
Your sunrise is not promised.... so what then?
Melchizedek whispers down the mountain side
"The first will be last"  .. says the King of Peace 
 I will Abide... I will Abide... I will Abide....

With Peace ~Pattyb

Lace Curtains

New Year was blue, waiting for dawn
Lace curtains of elegance was mature 
Lonely tears cry for your embrace
Today,  that hourglass celebrates
Lyrical branches etched a prayer 
Our yesterday was so unfair 
Lace Curtains of memories, I'm still here....

Angelic Glasses

Kings of lineage drape garments of love
- o'er their fruit-
Will they walk like you?  Will they wear your suit?
Your prayers waltz ageless, Your glasses Exquisite
Rims of rainbows foretold their happy ending 
In the night, hands are folded, a battle etiquette
Its all they have - its all you hold 
Precious diamonds in the rough with stories untold 
Angelic glasses stand guard against the foe 
Opulent are the battled rims of Nana's halo
The council of glasses show the pathway to life
Passing the glasses will not keep them from strife 
Underneath are the "Everlasting Arms" in a storm 
Angelic glasses will keep them coming home... 

With Love ~pattyb

Viggo Johansen (3 January 1851 – 18 December 1935)
A Christmas Story 

Christmas in Miami

Nestled in our beds at 76 degrees...
Twinkling lights sway in happy palm trees !!
We followed the sun for a tropical dream,
Leaving behind days of wintry schemes
Once or twice a luxury fireplace glows...
Flow of snow?, try "Main Street", Disney world
Parrot heads sing "Wasting away in Margarita ville!!"
Our Winterfest boat parade, so chill..
So we won't have a White Christmas, ever …
Only sunshine and beaches in warm winter pleasure !!
Flip flops and shorts, sipping eggnog delight,
Missing up north,  on that one lone night ...
Merry Christmas to all my Blogger friends!!  ~Pattyb