September Sapphire

Dancing in sapphires of pretense today
Another year older, gifts me a chance
My father's vice - a mirror I stole
I forgot to borrow his control  
Blow out the candles to sooth the soul 
your prophecy lives on to unfold...
Heaven, please wait to chaperon me....
My bucket list is not complete........................


Summer Naught

Soft waterfall of ivory , sings melody to the night
God of great waters, graceful to my soul 
Labor of works,  brings naught to mind
Faith attempts to argue and restore 
Summer incredulous, but hope says,  reward..

With love, ~Pattyb


Pardon me, will you please? 

In my silence, I forgive you 
Can you forgive me? 
A somber widow web surrounds 
nothing that really matters
Imaginations are madly useless !!

With love, ~Pattyb