A picture wept darkness to the memory
So deceived - by a master of disguise ...
Deja vu ..... a phrase of sublime  
Affliction is the evil rider 
A minuet was frozen in time
The memory is over, the war has just begun 
One day at a time, Hope can overcome 

With love, ~Pattyb

Blue Diamonds

Faith clouds filled with sparkling blue diamonds 
A place for weepers clinch the tears 
Holy Angels declared a covenant 
...cast your care..
He has heard your prayers...              

With love, ~Pattyb

Define Success

Neurotic riddles confidence, although
Wearing higher power -  no one will know
Stress is a designer fashion - to express
Take time out to linger in juiciness  
Neighbor lady dragon sips her tea - hoping you'll fall 
Acquaintance scamps will smile
then out comes curve ball
One more step - in the mire of gainsay 
I refuse to shake hands with lazy, saw-ree 
Today could be your lottery, 
Tomorrow could be your bankruptcy  
Although neurotic is common in size 
Today is what your guaranteed 
come alive!!!
Define success - what it means to you
and while you do... 
You'll find me sipping my juicy tea at rest
Working to move toward a three figure address 

With love, ~Pattyb

Morning Glory

A seed submerged from deep within
Inside out ... patience can win!