Emma Rose

Dedicated to all grandparents...


My heart was captured as she was grasping a shadow
On the wall - beyond her reach - 
In the Age of Innocence, hands elevated over it all 
Bella are the curls of her rich sepia hair 
She laughs w kismet, in seal brown eyes unaware
As she stumbles into hidden dangers within 
We guard her fort in shifts, without end 
She came from love that was shared...
     Meant to be -
A smile that the world will wrestle for 
So will I as nana, while on my knees.. 
I want to shelter her, under guardian angel wings
To know her -
An honor that God has chosen to bestow upon me 
A rose in bloom for us all to behold
 - till time captures my soul - 
Emma Rose, destiny calls with stories untold... 

With love, ~Pattyb