Memories of tranquil Christmas past
Rustic shadows of merriment recast
Sorting through treasure boxes of old that
speak parted sounds of surreal joy-
Timeless silver objects like a memoir 
Yesterday past,  Christmas lives on.....

The Box

Inside the box - space observed 
Outside heroic irony lurks ...
The box is my comfort, warm, so fearless
A fragile box in a box,  blinds my progress
Words greet me in frantic distress
Where is my box, I need to suppress
If you only knew that black is not white
Inside your box, hides victorious daylight..

With love, ~Pattyb 

Orange Confection

Orange confection invites the vulnerable 
To an autumn evening with a dinner table 
The hor d'oeuvre shirks the pecan pie
Temptation couldn't agree with deny
Enjoyment of pumpkin spice delight
I may fall in love tonight...
with everything orange... 

Happy Thanksgiving !  ~pattyb 


In the hourglass of winter's grace
the days are wrapped in traipse
It seethes fatigue to the child within 

longing for a place- 
in time-
that belongs to them.. 
As the year of bittersweet traipse 
sun dances into another year, stagnant 
Perseverance is not my trait-



Precarious, ghosts of days past
In possession of the night, they come
Those days are the wind whips 
them back ...among the cornucopia 
Faith will not dwell underneath fear...
in a house that is swept by love, 
Hallowed black magic, begone...



Uncharted Pathways Defy 
I encourage my mouth to smile
Morning is... Cordial
Faith is to believe,Your answer will come 
Faith is to believe, 
                "His" Answer will come...
Faith is ....  Morning is.... Cordial ... 



Memories cradle into summer's end 
I was in the moment ...  
Courage erupts from heart's lanai 
Empowered phantom fear to try 
Don't fault the season, embrace it...
A Perception of yesterday, as summer ends...

With love, ~Pattyb


The mind wanders as a Labyrinth
            Born to choose 
Maze of chagrin - Sweet child within  
Philosophy follows, where you begin..


Ode to American Pharoah

Stellar Pharoah, lone favor shines bright!
Prince of stride, King of reins 
Belong to you tonight ...
Our spirits soar with your victory win !! 
America loves Horse of a Triple Crown !!
American Pharoah ... His love abounds...


Celestial alabaster rises
a burgundy night begins 
Dark veil of moonlight covers   
Corruptible man of sin 

Moon glowing pathway... darkens 
Kissed by the night - daunting 
Restores my doubtful soul 

Full moon a sign of His Truth made in Love 

Once again...
embraced by the Son from above...

With a joyous heart, ~Pattyb


Another year was timeless 
memories of bittersweet ...
shimmer.. wisdom in the
hourglass ....
Resolutions persuasive 
as countdown comes for me 
time awakens my respect
as a champion for 
Eternity ....