Dwelling in a parched vision
... a desert of mine...
Please quench my thirst, 
doubt will not oblige...
The spell was evanescent in
the refuge of a Rock
A love oasis was overflowing  
Drink of joy in the morning...


In the dubious corner of my heart
 lies a thorn-
A masterpiece, is yet borne
A vile twist of fate to my soul
Herein lies the demur 
Beauty in contentment-
a bittersweet prize I fight for... 


Anomaly of mind
 - the selfish kind - 
Today's burden quietly defined 
Hiding in realism is
a dark, lonely prison...
Love dawns at midnight
breaking the chain of sight
for hope in tomorrow ...


Clouds were balanced over an abode of light 
A wounded warrior draws from the scabbard within
to find reserve for the night of day 
How can the darkness linger? 
When the sword of the spirit is reborn...
I cherish the good days of old 
I have survived unkind days of defeat
If tomorrow comes for me
 .......I have embraced my many years
as my sword within disappears .....

With love, ~Pattyb