Angelic Glasses

Kings of lineage drape garments of love
- o'er their fruit-
Will they walk like you?  Will they wear your suit?
Your prayers waltz ageless, Your glasses Exquisite
Rims of rainbows foretold their happy ending 
In the night, hands are folded, a battle etiquette
Its all they have - its all you hold 
Precious diamonds in the rough with stories untold 
Angelic glasses stand guard against the foe 
Opulent are the battled rims of Nana's halo
The council of glasses show the pathway to life
Passing the glasses will not keep them from strife 
Underneath are the "Everlasting Arms" in a storm 
Angelic glasses will keep them coming home... 

With Love ~pattyb

Viggo Johansen (3 January 1851 – 18 December 1935)
A Christmas Story 

Christmas in Miami

Nestled in our beds at 76 degrees...
Twinkling lights sway in happy palm trees !!
We followed the sun for a tropical dream,
Leaving behind days of wintry schemes
Once or twice a luxury fireplace glows...
Flow of snow?, try "Main Street", Disney world
Parrot heads sing "Wasting away in Margarita ville!!"
Our Winterfest boat parade, so chill..
So we won't have a White Christmas, ever …
Only sunshine and beaches in warm winter pleasure !!
Flip flops and shorts, sipping eggnog delight,
Missing up north,  on that one lone night ...
Merry Christmas to all my Blogger friends!!  ~Pattyb

Family Seems

So its time for dinner with our diverse family tree
Our branches intertwined - will we ever agree?
United- as we come apart - Forever as one......
Seems your a vibrant liberal star
Seems I am an atrophied right wing scar 
An organic family seems beyond our reach 

Yet we somehow join together to always "never" agree !!

"Enjoy" your family this holiday season!!
with love, 

Melancholy Elixir

Obsessive thoughts so free
Melancholy Elixir has no boundary
A gypsy tries to bribe me, 
to follow darkness to the other side
Haunting me while the spirit writes the score 
Melancholy Elixir is no more...


To You - Crestfallen soul...
Celestial rose, elegant, blazon...
Ambiguous choice, effects all 
but, there is One who lifts up, 
Oh Crestfallen soul,  Be still and know.. 


September Sapphire

Dancing in sapphires of pretense today
Another year older, gifts me a chance
My father's vice - a mirror I stole
I forgot to borrow his control  
Blow out the candles to sooth the soul 
your prophecy lives on to unfold...
Heaven, please wait to chaperon me....
My bucket list is not complete........................


Summer Naught

Soft waterfall of ivory , brings melody to the night
Labor of works,  brings naught to mind
Faith attempts to argue and restore 
Summer incredulous, but hope says,  reward..

With love, ~Pattyb


Pardon me, will you please? 

In my silence, I forgive you 
Can you forgive me? 
A somber widow web surrounds 
nothing that really matters
Imaginations are madly useless !!

With love, ~Pattyb

Signs of the Times

Our universe seems so fearless,  the wind crying our distress
Prophets expect the Word to possess
Hand maidens prepare for the nuptial below
Amethyst clouds signal-
The Rider must go..  
A Crystal Laver filled with Gods love
Spill like tear drops -
onto the kingdom below...........
In a split second, some will disappear
as souls surrender.....remote kindred draw near
The vision of Daniel,  promised a new earth 
Our labor pains of intensity, Be ready for His Return...


River of Gold

A river of gold runs deep through the soul 
Sacrifice of struggle promise a great spoil
The smile steps back when crass shadows fall
Ancient secret cries out,  hold on to your gold !!!

All Day

A sacred morning encounter, 
an ardent garden, where the Son shines,
intimacy begs for timeless in the moment
             just rest,               
As solitude falls to cover your pressure, 
All day is the minuet your promised ...
                 All day is the minuet I'm promised.....

Selah... pause and think about it... 




A canopy of deep darkness
was all I could see, for hours
Regret jaded me faint  
as day was falling
My memories felt despondent 
our love remains abandoned
by Faith, Hope will reunite us
above the clouds as one bright diamond !!

With love, ~Pattyb


Cosmopolitan Woman

She smiles inside,  complete 
Her promises  always kept for me 
Selfless heart, legacy of hope 
Her courage came from secrets below 
Her chin pointed to the ground 
With hair so cheating tall
a taffy smile, ambivalent like, so above it all 
Her shadow dances in pink 
Humbled, yet gifted with favor 
She owns it ... as magical
She is your sister,,mother,,daughter..friend
Willing to mask feelings of self doubt to transcend 
For her social who look up to her....

You will find her serving a cup of water...   
  Cosmopolitan Woman....... 



Deviation comes around again 
Intruding as a lure
I will embrace a meager spoil 
being thankful,Wandering in a thousand hills
Misfortune begs a rainbow 
A bitter soul can find relief just be thankful
What you have someone else wants...

With love, ~Pattyb

Compassion Rain

Compassion Rains on.....
a sparrow with remorse 
Sprinkling life in his wings 
sparrow contrite, he soars ...
Compassion overflows
For his devotion....  
He fluffs his wings of old gold 
Renewed in his flight, he goes
dressed in white gold...
With love, ~Pattyb


Cozy in Cashmere
Selfie bliss,
A morning sun rise
blow the clouds w a kiss 
you always go...  coexist ..
I'll always have cashmere 
down on love road... 


Ambitious greets "adversity"
Ignoring faith my soul was to blame
I called to my past in the darkness
Infusion of self pity knew my name  
Confidence is not my friend
But,  today is not my tomorrow..

With love, ~Pattyb

Rainbow Reunion

Prismatic stairway cascades 
from the hand of a visual psalmist 
weightless emotion, reminds me 
Eternity waits beyond the sea
Today I will enjoy, even the mundane !

With love, ~Pattyb


Precious time sways this way and that ...
Today is tomorrow's changeless past 
Reflections of my life, a work of respect     
Fervent effort in life's Charrette 
Sunrise beckons ... pass a legacy
Every breath exhales............
    the next, jealously 



Porcelain gate of faith
Welcome to my consciousness   
Strolling down Prussian blue lane
Alone has deceived me 
Hope comes as a gift in a jaunty bouquet
Still alone, I simply enter into grace...

With love, ~Pattyb