River of Gold

A river of gold runs deep through the soul 
Sacrifice of struggle promise a great spoil
The smile steps back when crass shadows fall
Ancient secret cries out,  hold on to your gold !!!

All Day

A sacred morning encounter, 
an ardent garden, where the Son shines,
intimacy begs for timeless in the moment
             just rest,               
As solitude falls to cover your pressure, 
All day is the minuet your promised ...
                 All day is the minuet I'm promised.....

Selah... pause and think about it... 




A canopy of deep darkness
was all I could see, for hours
Regret jaded me faint  
as day was falling
My memories felt despondent 
our love remains abandoned
by Faith, Hope will reunite us
above the clouds as one bright diamond !!

With love, ~Pattyb